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Digital Ledership

Digital leadership has never been more important. The rise of the internet and social media has literally changed everything — from our relationships to how we run businesses. Organizations need top-tier talent running their digital operations so they can keep up with what’s happening in this rapidly changing world — or risk being left behind. Chances are, competitors are already embracing these new trends that will soon be intertwined in everyone’s life.

Six Characteristics of Digital Leadership

  1. Recognising that digital is not always about scale of flashy projects, it’s about transforming people and ways of working
  2. Developing digital skills across the organisation, not just within a separate department
  3. Instead of a digital strategy, integrating digital processes and technologies to serve and shape business and artistic strategies
  4. Providing leaders with a mandate and budget to test and embed digital technology and agile ways of working
  5. Starting all programmes and projects with use research and user needs, iterating what you do and how you do it in response to feedback
  6. Inspiring teams and boards about the benefits of digital transformation with tangible proof of concept, even if the successful experiments are small in scale.